Post Conference Publications
Post Conference Publications
Authors who would like to expand this work to full papers on the subject are encouraged to do so with the special issues organised for:

+ IET Science, Measurement and Technology (SMT)

+ IEEE Journal on Multiscale and Multiphysics Computational Techniques

+ Archives of Electrical Engineering, Journal of the Polish Academy of Science.

Directly after the conference, the Steering Committee will select a number of papers for possible publication.

Successful authors will be invited within a few days after the conference to write an extended paper and submit it by the end of May 2023 to the nominated journal. The papers will go through a normal review and publication processes of the relevant journal.

It is anticipated that authors will have a preference for which of the three Journals they wish to have their paper submitted to. When submitting the 2-page digest, authors will be asked at that stage if they have a preference, and we will endeavour to take this into account when allocating papers to each of the Journals.